'009' – GUEST

Angst-Lesspork draws its inspiration from and is a tribute to the "Discworld" books of the late Sir Terry Pratchett.


Although superficially a Victorian / Edwardian townscape, many characters and architectural features give clues to the layout's true identity. Helping to set the scene are the Alchemists' Guildhall (complete with stuffed alligator), one of the many Watch houses, a Clacks (telegraph) tower and, of course, Mad Lord Snapcase's Cruet set. Most of the buildings have been built from card (breakfast cereal packets). A number have internal illumination and so are internally decorated. 

Most of the human figures are from Langley Models, Andrew Stadden and Aidan Campbell, with some from Peter Goss. Wargaming suppliers provided wizards, dwarfs, trolls and other out of the ordinary figures. The Librarian and the stuffed alligator were commissioned pieces. The Luggage is hand-built; members of the Watch started life as Airfix Roman soldiers.

All the rail power is steam-driven and all the road traffic is horse-drawn, in keeping with the "time-frame" of the layout. If you look closely, you will see that most of the locomotives are named after Discworld witches.

The layout is in 4mm/ft (1/76) scale, using a track gauge of 9mm, which equates to 2'3" narrow gauge. This combination is known as "009"