The Bridge at Remagen is an N-Gauge World War Two era layout centred around a true scale model of famous Ludendorff Bridge that spanned the Rhine close to the town of Remagen. The layout has a predominately military theme to it with the majority of the stock and scenery depicts the German military during the later war years. The bridge and the immediate boards have been built to true scale to the actual surroundings using photos, maps and authentic reconnaissance photos of the bridge. The layout was inspired by the 1969 Film of the same name and as a tribute to the Classic War movies, there are several movie cameos hidden amounts the scenery.

The layout is set in September 1944, chronology sitting between Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge, and at the point where the bridges defences were being strengthen in the face of the imminent threat of the advancing Allied Armies. Remagen is solo endeavour that to date is the accumulation of 5 years work. All the scenery on the layout is scratch built, most notably being the bridge which is made from individual section of brass soldered together to create the 2 metre long structure.