'EM' Gauge GUEST 

The layout represents the station in the period from 1945 to the end of the L.M.S. on January 1st. 1948. All 11 platforms are included, and the area modelled is from the University right up to Lime Street itself. A number of the university buildings at the right hand end of the layout are based on actual buildings still in existence today.


Operationally, it is hoped ultimately to portray a typical 24-hour day’s services from the morning paper train to the Merseyside Express!


A feature of the layout is the electronics used to enhance operation. Look out for the CCTV coverage of the fiddle yard, stepper motor control of the turntables and sector plate, and the router, which can set over 200 different routes into and out of the station!


This is a big project for a private layout, and although work has been constant we still have much to do to complete the scene.


 We welcome your questions but please direct them to our “spare” man and not people operating the layout.