00 Gauge - Guest

Loughborough (Midland) is a factual location on the Midland main line, featuring the station buildings as at the turn of the century (2000). Although there are now three platforms, the main buildings have changed little in over 100 years.

The layout covers the area between the Nottingham Road and Meadow Lane road bridges, with a backdrop of the Brush works overlooking the lines at the station end, whilst new developments have grown up towards the Meadow Lane end.

The relatively new rail access to Brush Traction, put in place to allow direct access to the national network for the delivery of the class 60 fleet and subsequent contracts, gives added interest.

Similarly, Loughborough yard which is overgrown and unused, is shown much as it was when ARC brought aggregates from the nearby quarry at Shepshed by road for onward delivery by rail.

Great care is taken to ensure all train movements are prototypical of the line. Some of the stock may be “out of the box” but closer inspection will show much added detail, with scratch and kit built items forming several rakes.

We have chosen three loosely classified periods for the layout, being “The Blues (1980s), “Sectorisation” (1990s) and “Privatisation” (2000 onwards).

More information is given on the layout ends and the operators will attempt to answer any questions you may have.