Rossiter Rise portrays a fictitious through station somewhere in the suburbs of North West London in the mid-late 1950’s.


It includes platforms serving LMR suburban services, LMR branch line trains and a bay platform for London Underground shuttle services. In front of the station is a small LT depot.


Many of the structures are scratchbuilt, whilst others are kit-built or modified propriety models.


The majority of the rolling stock is not ‘R-T-R off the shelf’ but a collection of unusual and rarely modelled items. Including conversions, scratch-built and 3D printed construction. As well as the services mentioned above freight services and light engine workings mean that almost anything can make a surprise appearance as motive power!


The layout is designed to be operated in such a way that trains are moving!!! Also, the layout is operated from the front and stock can be viewed ‘waiting in the wings’