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The layout depicts RUMBLING BRIDGE station and its immediate area.

Rumbling Bridge was located on the Devon Valley Line, which followed the course of the river of the same name between Alloa and Kinross central Scotland.

The village derives its name from a road bridge dating back to the mid 1700s, which spans the river Devon which at this point has carved a gorge some 120 feet deep. The water in spate cascades over loose rock on the river bed, the sound echoing off the gorge walls creating a rumbling sound.


The layout depicts the railway scene in the late 50s, early 60s when attempts were being made to operate the line more economically, diesel traction replacing rapidly withdrawing steam.

The passenger service is rapidly reducing to appease the accountants.


The goods traffic is sparse, agricultural produce being the main source of traffic, particularly seed potatoes at the appropriate time of year.


From time to time through trains appear. The route was a valuable option when trains required diverting, connecting Alloa with Kinross Junction on the old main line between Edinburgh and Perth via Glenfarg.


However, such was the parlous state of the lines finances the towel was thrown in even before Dr Richard Beeching had cast his eye over the balance sheet, and sadly the line closed to passenger trains in 1964.


Goods traffic lingered on for a while longer before the inevitable occurred.


The layout operators have photographs showing ‘then and now’. Please feel free to ask to view them.