Willowbrook Marsh is a small goods depot and maltings complex, situated on the borders of the Midland and Eastern regions of British Railways just to the north of Peterborough during the late 1950-60’s period. The location is typical of the fenland scenery with plenty of space and traditional looking buildings for the area.


Traffic consists of unfitted and fitted goods workings plus special consists for the local maltings.


The maltings operates its own shunting locomotive when a BR diesel shunter is unavailable, although this has seen little work recently.


Small diesel shunting locomotives are very much in evidence handling the majority of the 4 wheeled, loose fitted wagon traffic. Being a relatively quiet backwater, often having long periods of time between arrivals and departures, there is time for much shunting….


Some steam, in its final years, and the newly introduced diesels, may be seen operating the yard. Viewers are encouraged to look out for the occasional visiting diesel type which could be considered uncommon to the area, perhaps on test or working a short turn prior to returning to their usual operating base.