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'009' -


The idea for this layout came about from looking at various photographs taken from WW1 books. The dioramas we have tried to create are loosely based on these pictures taken somewhere in France and show men, vehicles and machinery moving up to the front.

All figures and vehicles have been supplied by W & D Models based in Wales and have been constructed and painted by hand in colours appropriate for the time period.

The railway side of the layout has been built using Peco 009 track and points. Rolling stock and loco’s are Bachmann and other items of rolling stock are kits supplied by Parkside Dundas or W & D Models.

The buildings are constructed in cast resin using various Linka moulds, glued together with super glue to make the various structures. These have then been distressed using a pair of side cutters and pliers to give the impression of bombed out buildings. The rubble surrounding the buildings comprises off cuts of the Linka moulds, various ballast, different weathering powders and various odds and ends of doors, windows and other bits and pieces all mixed together in a large pot and glued into place.

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