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Where it all began

The Association of Model Railway Clubs Wales & West of England was founded in 1968 with the express purposes of staging a large model railway exhibition in the Bristol area to act not only as a showcase for the Model railway layouts of its member clubs but also to invite and show some of the best in railway modelling from around the country. The first exhibition was held in the Victoria Rooms in Clifton, Bristol and was held there for several years until its move to the Harbour side and the old water shed. This became an exhibition centre for many events in Bristol including the car show. With the redevelopment of the Harbour side in the Early 90’s the exhibition centre was unfortunately closed, and we then had to find another large venue to hold our show. The offer came of moving to Thornbury leisure centre although outside Bristol it had the available space to hold a large exhibition with plenty of free parking and as they say the rest is history.

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