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Amiens 1918 

Tracks & Trenches

Guest Layout;

009 Scale - WW1 Trench Railway

The Battle of Amiens marked one of the final major battles of the First World War, with the opening phase the Allied Offensive, which began on the 8th August 1918. The Battle, later known as the Hundred Days Offensive, ultimately led to the end of the First World War. 

With over 75,000 Troops, 2000 Aircraft and 500 Tanks, the Allies advanced over 8 miles on the first day alone, re-capturing German held fortifications and equipment.

Set during the Battle, this scene depicts a re-captured Artillery Battery, now an Allied field headquarters and supply depot, where Troops and Tanks are prepared for the next offensive, served by a Narrow Gauge Field Railway.

Supply trains hauled by a mixture of British, US and French Locomotives, as well as captured German Rolling Stock, stream through the Battery with tons of equipment and material, that will ultimately lead to victory on the Western Front.

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