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This is a 7ft x 3ft 6in N Gauge table top, circular layout plus rear fiddle yard, based on the Great N-Pire Railroad by Kent Wood and Ric Laban.

The version built, is a small Plains Mid West town of the 50’s and 60’s, with a new canyon addition.

The small population has a collection of steam loco’s, which used to run to the outlying farms and mine workings in the distant hills, to deliver supplies and pick up produce and cattle for onward shipping.

Charlieville now runs a tourist heritage line and is served by the cross-state Super Chief Santa Fe line, which stops on its way through.

The layout track is preformed Bachman track on a cork and MDF base, with switch points by Peco and Atlas.

The buildings are a mixture of ready made, kit built and scratch built by Bachman, Model Power, Lifelike and Walthers Cornerstone.

The engine house is the remains of a Faller Old Stone Crushing Plant kit, modified, and with added workshop facilities.

The town hall and cinema are Kato Japanese buildings suitably modified to American design.

Visitors and locals are catered for by ‘Rob’s Roadhouse’, and ‘Imex Diner’.

Paint used on buildings is Humbrol enamels, with acrylics used on the scenery.

The scenery is a mixture from many different suppliers to give a sense of diversity, and change.

Vehicles have been chosen mainly from the Atlas and Mini Metals range to reflect the time and the era, with old and new cars in existence.

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