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‘N’ gauge – Barnhill MRC

Chipbury is a fictitious town located just west of the Tamar in Cornwall, The line opened in 1884 firstly as a small branch line from Okehampton where you would change for Crediton and Exeter, But as time went on the town and traffic grew leading to the line being doubled in 1902 and additional platform added. The traffic was mixed with passenger and freight, stone from local quarries being the main goods out of the area, although a fair amount of livestock was also carried. In the intervening years the line was quiet busy, however after the 1950’s as with most of the railway network a lot of the freight traffic started to disappear. Fortunately quarrying was still active right through into the late eighties and stone trains were still regular to the nearby quarry. The sidings were also used for reforming of freights to onward destinations, and speed link trains are regular visitors, along with stabling of the postal service.

​Period Modelled

The period being modelled is between the late 70’s trough to the mid to late eight’s. Most passenger services are diesel hauled although the occasional HST and Multiple unit will be seen. The Diesel Classes in use are mainly class 37’s, 47’sand 50’s however the odd Class 40 can be seen and an 08 works the yard. The main liveries of the period are Blue and Grey although the occasional swallow intercity colours can be seen.

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