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Barnhill MRC

'0' Gauge - 7mm finescale

Dalry Rd. A Scottish layout based in the green diesel era, the chosen period of 1965 to 1970 is a rarely modelled era, which is a great pity as it was one of the most colourful. If you were that way inclined, you could run steam locos alongside diesels in green with either small or large warning panels (or none at all) and rail blue. Coaches could be a mixture of maroon or regional liveried mk1s and even blue and grey. Wagons were a real mismatch of grey, bauxite and private owner liveries together with the white or blue of insulated stock. It is hoped that Dalry Rd. captures some of the essence of this although only open to freight and parcel traffic only. 

Steve Thompson built the layout.

and is now owned and operated by Ian Atkinson

With the help of some friends

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