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St Steven

‘00’ - GUEST

This layout measures 41ft 9in x 14ft 6in, made up of 22, 6ft by 3ft or 2ft 6ins boards made from 12mm exterior ply on 75mm x 25mm battening with occasional variations as can be seen in the canal area.

It is designed to be free standing, so that the viewing public can view on all four sides, the operators all work in the middle.

This fictitious layout built to 4mm/00 gauge is based in the South Yorkshire/North Midland area between 1957/ 1962, allowing us to run both steam and early diesels from the BR Midlands period with visiting stock from the Eastern and Western regions.

Stock is a mixture of kit built and RTR. Fitting crew and lamps to the locos and real coal in the tenders is on going. All express passenger trains are close coupled.

The operating signals are a mixture of semaphore and two aspect coloured light. All track work is Peco code 100. This layout is controlled by analogue dc; the nine operators use six control panels and twelve controllers. We try to take a crew of fourteen to exhibitions so operators get a break once in a while. Train movements are to a schedule for passenger and fast freight. The goods yard and slow freight work independently. Most of the buildings are scratch built although some modified Skaledale have recently appeared.

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