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Modern OO 4mm with Preserved line

This layout was taken on by us from Fawley Power Station MRC, Southampton when the Station was due for closure in January 2013 or it would have been left in the building to be bulldozed when the site was cleared.

On arrival at our club, it was completely stripped of all scenics and the landscape levelled to the track, we then remodelled and landscaped it in the way our club is known for ‘Southern countrified’ layouts. It now has an extremely well detailed and lit engine work shed.

To keep the link to its origin the layout has been named ‘Forleigh’ as this sounds the same as ‘Fawley’.

The layout is modern image, round and round double track North-South main station with additional passing platform loops on both lines. It also has a ‘Preserved’ branch line from the bay platform at the main station front. This turns and climbs West to the rear section. There is another ‘Modern’ branch line that arrives in from the East at the top front of the main station.

With a 5 line fiddle yard for both mainlines and a small fiddle yard for the preserved line, it will give a good operational layout for exhibitions.

So effectively, anything could be run on the layout at exhibitions. This could include mainline preserved steam and diesel specials.

Pictures available at

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