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Fredstone Lane

1:148 British N Gauge, 2mm

Alsagar Railway Association

Fredstone Lane is a modern fictitious layout built by members of the Alsager Railway Association.

The Layout was named Fredstone Lane in memory of the late Fred Johnson who was well known on the Railway Circuit and also the name Bingham Halt is in memory of Keith Bingham.  The track layout comprises inner and outer circuits at different levels with cross-overs and reversing loops, with separate double tracks for passenger and freight. At one end of the layout maintenance and freight marshalling yards offer shunting opportunities.

The focal point at the other end of the layout is a live running water feature, much loved by visitors. The layout is at a height suitable for wheelchair users.

Stations and sidings at different heights enable local stopping trains to be passed by through express passenger and goods trains.  The principal track of the layout is modern image, with overhead catenaries, whilst the outer circuits is a dedicated heritage line, allowing historic and preserved trains to run, including steam hauled. The emphasis is on entertaining exhibition visitors rather than “rivet counters” and so a liberal approach to a constant supply of stable and visiting trains from different regions and eras is encouraged.

Behind the scenic section is a storage cum fiddle yard which enables the potential of N scale to be realised by accommodating full length high speed, pendolino and goods trains.

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