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Fulton Terminal was situated on the East River operated by the New York Dock Railway and was one of a large number of similar rail terminals, around the Upper New York Bay and Hudson River area, connected together by the river. In 1954 railroad companies employed almost 2000 vessels in this trade tugs, barges, carfloats (a barge fitted with rails) and various special craft, all bar one closed following the takeover of containerisation, Fulton Terminal closing in 1982.

The model is closely based on the original and is full size, it is not intended to be an exact replica, I have altered various details, Pier 12 was not directly rail served.

The line continued south to serve Piers 17 & 18, and north to team tracks (public sidings) together with the Jahovah Witnesses Watchtower printing works.

It is Sunday morning, the docks are idle as Dockers have the day off, ships crews have a day in port, ship owners fret, maintenance crews are at work, the lines north and south are closed for track repairs, even the Brooklyn Queens Expressway is quiet. Hard at work are the Fulton Terminal switching (shunting) crews and tug crews, a chance to earn overtime and to catch up on repositioning freight cars and carfloats ready for a busy Monday.

(picture courtesy of Peco)

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