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'00' Gauge 


Set in the British Railways period, this small layout represents a fictional Southern Region branch
line through station located in the River Medway area. The branch leaves the Paddock Wood-
Maidstone line near Yalding and runs close to the villages of Coxheath and Hunton to terminate at
The line is in its final few years of operation the passenger service is being run down and short
trains are the norm, one coach sufficing for the remaining traffic, with the occasional two-coach
pull-push set. Freight services are still quite busy and coal and grain terminals at Chainhurst being a
lot of traffic to the line; sufficient to ensure its survival until the late 1960s.
The layout itself consists of three conventional chipboard and timber baseboards with self-contained turntable fiddle yards at each end. The track is SMP Scaleway, with the points being made from the same company’s copperclad kits. Pointwork is operated by the old H & M solenoid motors, with the few signals being worked in the same way. 
The station building is based on East Farleigh on the Paddock Wood-Maidstone line (still standing
at the time of writing) with the other railway buildings on the layout being made from modified
commercial kits. The low relief buildings at the back of the layout are scratchbuilt from Wills
building sheets. The scenery is based on polystyrene foam, carved to shape and covered with plaster bandage,
painted and then overlaid with Woodland scenic ground cover. Motive power consists of small tank engines and diesels, mostly kitbuilt, of Southern and BR Standard origin, with passenger and goods stock from most of the kit manufacturers.
We hope you enjoy watching the layout and any questions are welcomed.

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