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Livsey Lane

00’ - GUEST

Livsey Lane is a 4mm scale 00 gauge layout set in the early 1960’s. Steam has but a few years left before diesel and electrification ousts it forever.

It depicts a terminus at a medium sized town which like many was actually located a distance from the railway itself.

The town is a figment of my imagination as a “may have been” situation that is located at the end of a very short branch somewhere off the main line that at one time did exist, connecting Rochdale, Bacup and Bury in a large arc through the Lancashire hills.

As it is a short branch sometimes locos will visit from the mainline to use the turntable or for overnight stabling at the small shed.

A fair amount of goods traffic was still generated in that period with anything from coal to perishables, hence the need for a small goods shed and sidings.

Passenger traffic is limited to short local steam or Diesel hailed trains and a 2 car DMU plying between Livsey Lane station and nearby towns on the main line.

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