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P4 / 18.83mm - 1977 – North Wales coast main line BR

Welcome to our re-creation of the North Wales Coast main line in the Silver Jubilee year of 1977. BR Corporate Blue rules the rails and traffic is heavy with regular passenger and freight traffic augmented by excursions taking holidaymakers to the delights of the North Wales coast resorts. Classes 24, 25, 40 and 47 dominate the locomotive action whilst first-generation DMUs in varying formations will bring back happy memories (for some!).

We operate in accordance with the BR rule book and that means everything from the humble unfitted trip freight trundling along at 25mph right the way through to principal expresses hammering along at line speed.

Mostyn has a very large collection of P4 finescale rolling stock and, as always, new items will be making their debuts here at Bristol. Keeping this big fleet of seven hundred vehicles running well requires regular attention and you can see us dealing with the latest casualties on our repairs and maintenance demonstration table.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, stop for a chat on all matters relating to the BR blue period or simply take a lineside viewing point and let yourself drift into a world of 1977 railway nostalgia….

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