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Had it been built, the Bergeller Bahn would have been part of the extensive Rhätische Bahn (RhB) metre gauge network in Eastern Switzerland. The line would have linked St Moritz in the Swiss Engadine to Chiavenna in Italy.  The route was surveyed in 1913 and several plans created but unfortunately the line was never built, and these days, the only way to travel the route is by road.

This layout attempts to represent a stretch of the line between the settlements of Maloja and Casaccia, which are about 20km from St Moritz. This stretch of line would have been particularly impressive, as it had to descend 350 metres down the steep Maloja Pass. Although the direct distance between the settlements is only 3km, the line would have been 12km long, with a 3% gradient, requiring superb viaducts, galleries and up to four spiral tunnels.

The layout is built to HO scale (1:87) with a track gauge of 12mm, representing the one metre of the prototype. It is therefore denoted as HOm. Track work is a selection of Bemo fine-scale, the new PECO HOm range and scratch built. Points are controlled by slow acting point motors in the visible sections and solenoids in the staging yard. The whole layout is controlled from a central control panel at the rear and utilises three controllers wired for cab control – DCC is not used.

 The rolling stock on display reflects that used on the current RhB network and is mostly from the excellent Bemo range with a few items from STL, D&R, Ferro Suisse and some are scratch built.  Vintage and enthusiast special trains also make an occasional appearance to add variety and interest and these are also based an RhB on Furka Oberalp practice.

For further details of the prototype and model see the information board across the front of the exhibit.

The layout featured in the March 2007 edition of the Continental Modeller and also won the 2007 Continental Modeller Cup.

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