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Great Snoring

‘00’ LNER


The time is late 1946 / early 1947, the war is over but the railways are still recovering from over-use and minimal maintenance. This fictional three-mile branch from Fakenham (M&GN Joint) was a sleepy backwater until the Americans opened up an airbase close to the village of Great Snoring.

To accommodate all the USAAF fuel, ammunition and Hershey bar trains, the branch was very quickly double-tracked, and the local passenger service was increased to cope with all the service personnel traffic. With the Americans gone, the branch is gradually returning to its pre-war level of activity, whilst still retaining a few through passenger coach workings to Norwich.

All track is Peco Finescale, point motors are Fulgurex, and the signals made from MSE kits. The buildings have all been scratch built or ‘kit-bashed’. Rolling stock is mainly kit-built although there are some RTR items used, such as the  Hornby teak coaches.

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