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Stanhope Brewery


The idea for this layout came about after finding a track plan in the PECO Track Plan book. The original track plan consisted of 1 left hand point and 1 x 3 way point. However the track plan was adapted to include a loop to give more scope for shunting and to fit onto 2 x 4ft by 14” boards.  The layout has also been boxed in with the appropriate lighting and 2 small fiddle yards. The track work is hand built using copper clad sleepers.

The period modelled is between the late 30’s to the late 50’s and as Stanhope Brewery is based nowhere in particular and as it has no signalling it is classed as a private line being fed from a branch giving us the advantage of running stock from the Great Western Railway, Western Region, Eastern Region and British Rail.

After seeing the Skytrex buildings at the Bristol Railway Exhibition it was decided to make use of these modules and adapt them to form the main Brewery Buildings. The other buildings are either scratch built or LCut buildings.  Other bits and pieces on the layout have come from Harburn Hobbies, Slaters, Ratio, Wills and Townscenes.

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