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This layout is based on a proposed but never completed, extension to
the East Kent Railway. Owned by Colonel Stephens, the proposed line
would have run from Wingham to Canterbury West via Stodmarsh, a
distance of seven and a half miles. Construction began at Wingham in
1919 but, in 1931, owing to the General Strike, followed by the
Depression and the untimely death of the aforementioned Colonel, work
on the line was cancelled.
Construction of the line terminated at Stodmarsh due to financial pressures
and a decline in both goods and passenger transport. The Southern Railway
closed the line in 1940 but was forced to reopen it 3 years later to help with the
War Effort during the preparations for D-Day. It was used to transport men,
munitions and machinery to the south coast embarkation ports.
You join us on a day of total chaos. The American and British forces are on
manoeuvres. The yanks are on the bridge giving everyone the wrong
directions and the local residents are running for cover as the Luftwaffe has
dropped some incendiary bombs. The National Fire Service has just managed
to extinguish the grass fire caused by the incendiaries whilst Captain
Mainwaring s Home Guard have captured a shot down German airman.
Walker has released someone's chickens while acquiring some eggs and most
of the British Army men have decided to brew up as their lorry has broken
down. Occasionally during the melee, you should see a train working in the
This layout was originally created by Kevin, the late Les Spratt, and a few
friends. Whilst retaining the original track plan and buildings, its scenic
features have been reworked by Kevin having been rescued by him after Les's
untimely demise.
The ;layout is currently being extended by adding another two 4 ft boards, one
at each end of the layout and the scenery being refurbished.
Let's hope Les would have approved!
Although the layout is intended to amuse, it is dedicated to the heroes of WWII,
both home and abroad, without whom we might not be here today.

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