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Midland ‘N’ - GUEST

Todmorden Midland is an ex MR  terminus 48 by 14 inches with a 2 foot cassette fiddle yard. This is small even for N gauge  but the scenic section includes station, goods shed, coal yard, loco shed, canal scene, a couple of West Yorkshire mills, a pub and distant views of hills.

Motive power  is ex MR  and LMS    along with some standards, some visiting ex LNER locos on summer holiday trains and even one or two diesels and DMUs. Rumour has it that Holbeck has occasionally sent a Jubilee or a Scot on a summer special………….

Track is PECO with SEEP operated points; control is analogue via an excellent controller designed and built by WMRC members. Stock is by Farish, Dapol, Peco, N gauge society, Union Mills  and some kitbuilt items. Scenery uses various products including the excellent (and rare) Graham Avis trees. Buildings are mainly scratchbuilt with a couple of modified kits.  PECO N gauge stone  building sheets have proved very effective. However, the church is made from OO  Wills sheet! Some  buildings are scratchbuilt  Settle and Carlisle designs which are justified by the line’s presumed historic origins. Mill buildings and pub are scratchbuilt,  based on  types of building found in the area. The backscene uses acrylics.

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