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Cadham Bay

Guest Layout; Glenrothes MRC

'00' gauge - 2000 until present day

Cadham Bay is a fictitious station on the East Coast of Scotland served by the local trains either going down the coast or taking the inland routes via the junction.  From the south the line sweeps out of the tunnel and past the beach, where the sun worshippers are out in force, and into the station.  The modern station has a narrow down platform and a combined up and branch line platform connected by a subway.  A tram service terminates at the station to serve the outlying districts not served by the railway.  On leaving the station we pass the smouldering remains of the local theatre and the fire brigade packing up after successfully dealing with the inferno.    The branch line runs parallel to the main line as they head across the bridges over the harbour before diving into tunnels beneath the  residential caravan park.

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