Back in 2004 we started visiting the Czech Republic and the following years to travel on their railway system which was (and still is to a certain extent) much like pre Beeching era in the UK with freight on the branches, some to fairly small towns. On one such visit we travelled up the very scenic line from Prague to Dobříš.

The station at Dobříš is anything but scenic set in a very industrial area of the town. We travelled in a 4 wheel trailer hauled by a diesel loco. Upon reaching Dobříš, one of these trailers was shunted into a siding presumably to work back on a train later that day. There was also a loco and brake van next to the goods shed with numerous wagons loaded with timber in the sidings.

Apart from a heavily modified kit for the station building, the rest of the buildings are scratch built. Track is Peco code 83.

Rolling stock is mainly from Roco, Tilling, Bramos and MTB. Most locos and railcars have sound decoders installed.  

The layout is operated using Digitrax command station linked into the laptop running JMRI which allows for wireless operation using old ipods with the Wi Throttle app.