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Haydon Square

Guest Layout;

7mm '0' gauge - BR 1950's

Haydon Square was, in reality, a LNWR goods depot just to the east and north of Fenchurch Street station in London. It was set on arches above street level in a particularly grimy part of the East End. In our re-writing of history a small terminus station for suburban services was added as a bargaining chip for the London Tilbury and Southend Railway as it negotiated better access to Fenchurch Street from its landlord, the Great Eastern Railway.


By the 1950s, all railway politics was in the past, but British Railways still used Haydon Square for minor suburban services and parcels traffic to relieve Fenchurch Street, while goods services continued to be important. You will see passenger and parcels trains run in and out of the station while goods trains are made up by a busy shunting loco before dispatch. In this period trains are hauled by both early diesels and steam engines.

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