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Shunters Halt

Guest Layout:

'00' gauge - 1950's

Based in the 1950's era. Step back in time & view the various craft-built businesses beneath the viaduct and listen to the accompanying sound track reflecting the activities of the day. Lighting inside the joinery workshop & garage will also bring authenticity to the layout. Peek inside some of the units and see posters, a work bench wood racks an oil dispenser & ramp; hear the vendor crack eggs and fry bacon.

 In the foreground, is a road & coal yard with buildings & scenery. The tracks to the front of the layout are where your thinking caps need to go on and here is where the shunting puzzle can be solved.

 We will invite the public to enjoy a hands-on experience by picking a printed card at random choosing one of the many variations. The aim of the puzzle is to collect one wagon from each of the 4 sidings in order as per the cards’ instructions and make up a train.

 This can also be reversed by picking a printed card, also at random that will tell you the order in which to deliver the various wagons back to the correct siding

 You will use the controller at the front and be completely in charge of the activity. Test your dexterity and mental skills and have fun but don’t worry if you get stuck, we will advise if you need us.

There will be a simpler puzzle with a FREE metal badge of the loco used, for children who attempt to shunt the puzzle (while stocks last).

 Come and watch or play. And have a great day! There is a much to see.

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