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'P4' – SR 1959/60 - GUEST

About 12 or so years ago I decided that it was time to build my own model railway. When looking for a potential prototype, I happened upon a picture of Sidmouth station. Apart from being an attractive subject it took me back to an article I had read some years previously and, it seemed to me, was worth further study. So began a period of intense research, with a number of visits made to photograph and measure what remains of the railway infrastructure that ceased being used in 1967. Fortunately, the station house, part of the station building, the goods shed, the weighbridge hut (now demolished) and some merchant’s sheds were still there. As I was only really going to get one shot at this I determined that I had to make a real effort to reproduce Sidmouth station and yard in the 1959/60 era as accurately as possible. As it was to be an exhibition layout, I wanted Sidmouth to appeal to those who look for detail and be interesting to those who like to watch trains. As the prototype only ever saw 15 trains a day, the latter aim would need some attention.

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