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'016.5' – GUEST

This 7mm NG layout has been inspired by a long term fondness for the Welshpool and Llanfair, the Wild Swan book on this subject by Glyn Williams and the lovely models produced by Kevin Trim at Dorset Kits. Two alternative routes were proposed to connect Llanfair with the railway system, that to Welshpool and one via Meifod to Llanymynech. In reality, the Welshpool route was chosen, but my 'what if' is to suppose a branch had been built from near Heniarth to serve Meifod as a kind of consolation prize and to widen the traffic sources of the W&LLR. However, as I am taking liberties with the location, the layout is called ’St. Mary’s’ after the Meifod parish church dedicated to St. Tysilio and St. Mary.


The layout is set in the summer of 1930 and a modified version of the real W&LLR timetable has been used on to which has been grafted a service to St. Mary’s. Further traffic is provided from the quarry at Newbridge which is worked in to St. Mary’s by the quarry company’s own locomotives. Shunting at the station is done with a shunting tractor to allow the whole W&LLR to continue to operate with only one engine in steam.

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